Cannabis to Complement your Headspace

Finding the Right Strain

Finding the Right Strain

            When I first started experimenting with Cannabis in high school, let’s be real, I could not tell the difference between one strain and another. My friends and I were not extremely picky about the type of weed we bought, we just wanted to get stoned. I’d hop into my dealer’s front seat in an undisclosed parking lot, out of view from my parent’s bedroom window. He’d give us two or three options. The conversation usually went like this:

“Do you want the AA Golden Dragon Kush, or the AAA Cheeseburger bud?” My dealer would ask.

“Of course I want the AAA Cheeseburger, I want the good stuff!” I’d reply. 

“Excellent choice my brother.” He’d say.

I wouldn’t have time to sit there picking his brain about how many milligrams per gram of THC the bud had. I wasn’t asking about CBD or dominant terpenes. I was lucky if he could tell me if it was an indica or sativa. I was just trying to make the transaction go as quickly and as stealthily as possible so that I could return to my friends as a hero. I’d get back and divide a couple ounces of Cannabis amongst everyone who pitched. 

We were so fixated on the highs of Cannabis use, that we would often ignore that some strains would give us unbearable anxiety, or a quick and powerful burn-out. And since we didn’t exactly have money to spend, we would have to wait until our bulk-batch was empty before we could buy a new strain. I remember one particular batch that we aptly named, “Crazy Weed”. We might as well have been dropping LSD in public when we smoked that. One hit of the Crazy Weed and it was game over. In the best and the worst way.

Early days of cannabis use we had one goal in mind – to get stoned. I wouldn’t trade those giddy memories for anything, even coupled with the occasional anxiety that the cops had somehow figured out that you and your buddies had just finished smoking. It never occurred to us that there might be subtle differences that would cause different effects between strains. Cannabis was weed and if you’re only goal was to get high than it all worked.

After my early years of cannabis use, I took a long hiatus. I felt like every time I smoked, I would have a lesser high and a faster burn-out than I did in my early experimentation. But, recently I’ve become interested in occasional Cannabis use. This is because I have found a couple strains that really agree with my brain chemistry. 

I am far from an expert on understanding different Cannabis strains, and the technical composition of a strain often goes over my head. However, I’ve realized the importance of finding strains that will complement my mood, my creativity, and my overall headspace. It seems like a silly realization, but I now know that one strain of Cannabis is a completely different drug than another strain. In these years of adulthood, I desire to keep my control and composure. I’ve found certain strains that have a mild, long-lasting high that can lead to feelings of well-being and productivity. 

Most recently, I’ve been enjoying a strain called “ACDC Cookies” by Natural History. It is a hybrid with ~80 mg/g of THC and ~120 mg/g CBD (divide by ten to get the percent), based on todays standards this would-be a low THC strain but it’s a smooth high and it gets the job done. This strain has been helping me clear my head and get some original ideas and perspectives for my writing. 

As much as the technical composition can help guide my strain purchases, it’s hard to really understand how Cannabis will interact with me until I sample it. Nowadays I’m a little more cautious with sampling new strains. I’ve been using Instaleaf’s strain finder so I can easily find the bud that works for me. You can also go back through your strain history and use it as a diary to remember your experiences with certain strains for those of us that tend to forget what we smoke. By applying a slightly more structured approach to cannabis I can ensure smooth sailing and avoid some of the negative effects that originally made me give it up. 

We’ve come a long way from sitting in the front seat of our dealer’s car picking up “weed” and things have only gotten more complex with the introduction of various cannabinoids and terpenes into the equation. I want a high that is long-lasting, creative, and uplifting. I now know that not all cannabis has to be that “crazy weed” from my first experiences with this plant. Everyone is unique and everyone is looking for different effects so make sure to have a destination in mind the next time you’re deciding what cannabis to purchase.

Stay lifted,

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